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The Leprosy Mission International-Bangladesh is only next to India in Asia in respect of the dimension of leprosy work. We operate under the banner of the National Leprosy Elimination Program (NLEP), which operates through the Leprosy and TB Coordinating Committee (LTCC), Read More



Major Interventions & Services of TLMiB:   

*       Community Awareness

*       Leprosy Control

*       Community Based Rehabilitation

*       Prevention of Disability

*       Hospital Services

*       Assistive Devices and Physiotherapy

*       Advocacy and Counseling

*       Treatment of Children with Disability

*        Vocational Training for Disabilities

*       Providing Technical Support to GO and NGO

*       Capacity Building for GO and NGO Staffs and Community Volunteers

*       Tuberculosis (TB) Control

*       Leprosy Field Research in Bangladesh